HCXO Stickies

HCXO Stickies

Give your to-do list some TLC with some #HCXO! 


We didn't invent sticky notes (everyone knows that was Romy and Michelle), but we do know how to sticky in style! Stock up on these HCXO Stickies and leave "love" notes everywhere you go!

  • Come in stacks of 50. 
  • Choose from 1, 5, or 20 stacks of 3"x 3" notes. 
Discounts on bulk orders:
  • Buy 1 stack for $3.00
  • Buy 5 stacks for $1.60 each
  • Buy 10 stacks for $1.50 each
  • Buy 20 stacks for $1.25 each
Sale price $1.00 Regular price $3.00

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